Hand Print Crafts for Kids


I definitely remember that my primary school’s drawing book contains Thumb-Print, Hand-Print, Ladyfinger Print, Potato Print and much more Prints. So all kids should have some basic knowledge about all these type of prints. Let’s do some Funny things with hand-print. This craft idea will makes your child very innovative.

Below description will help to the Parents in order to find the children’s project work. Most of idea is for a Primary Students but some of them are about decorating home.

Hand Print Kids Calendar

This idea can be used as a kids project in primary school.This is very much knowledgeable Idea. Here calendar contains only 12 months and for creativity purpose we have to draw each months with their specialty using only hand-print.

Hand Print calendar


It is  English calendar. In above picture, Logical thing is that each month represent their special occasion.

Example :- December is the month of Chirstmas. So you can create some cool Christmas tree using thumbs as well create decorating lights. Like wise you can do it for the rest of the months.

Dish Painting Using Hand Print

Implementation of idea no -2 must need dish- painting colors. Start with painting child hand(use dish-painting color only) and press on dish. Leave a dish for some time so that hand-print fully dry out. After that draw design as I’ve mention in below image (you may change also).

dish painting

Here space suttle is ready as a design part. You can change it as open your creativity.


Kids Fish Pot using Kids Hand Print

This fish-pot looks like a 3D pot with a orange fish. In order to create such a pot you require some white paper,scissor and colors.

fish pot using Hand Print

In order to create such a post follow the simple steps. Draw a pot on white sheet  and then after cut it very sharply. At last you give a shape of fish to your hand and print on pot.Draw some water bubbles and also stick a old-teddy bear’s eye on fish. so it’s looked like real.

 Amazing 3D Art Using Kids Hand Print

I request to all you that  please you must teach this art to your children. They will be surprised and excited to show this awesome 3d hand print their friends.

hand-8As shown in image, 1st step is to put your hand on blank sheet. Draw your hand using black sketch pen. then after as draw a straight lines but keep in mind that you have to bend it whenever it touches the border of hand.Create a simple curve inside the border of hands.

fill it with appropriate colors (while you fill color, always follow a straight line from one end to another ends).

Family Photo Frame

Family’s all member’s hand-prints make a amazing photo frame which look stunning on home wall. Here you see that image has a family tree using all member’s hand-print.


Photo-frame’s quote is really good one,

“Other things may change but we start and end with family”.

I’m sure you will like this hand printing craft idea for kids to create awesome designs.