Hobbies are activities that you pursue in your leisure time. And what better time to
develop these hobbies than in the teenage years. In this article, learn all about the top
ten hobbies for girls to choose from.


The best way to display emotions like humor and sarcasm is through cartoons.
Developing the art of cartooning initially would be fun to do in your leisure time and soon it become your hobby.
Probably later you could take it up as a career. The hobby “cartooning” would push you
towards becoming a tattoo artist as well.

fun hobbies for girls

Jewelry Making

Jewelry and accessories are a girl’s best friends. Learning how to make accessories
and jewelry will allow you to flaunt your personal style and to have your own jewelry
collection as well. You can embed beads, stones, shells, hemp, clay, and so on, into
attractive neck pieces, earnings, bracelets, etc. There is a whole new jewelry world to

fun hobbies for girls

Nail Art

It is the new in-thing. Learning nail art is surely super fun to pursue as a hobby. Your
creative side is explored to a great extent. Moreover, you can have your nails painted
pretty and looking good all the time. Having your own nail patterns and styles, will have
your friends and relatives asking you to paint their nails as well, making you an expert
nail art designer.

fun hobbies for girls


To capture those special moments at the click of a button is amazing. It is a wonderful
way to tell stories, preserve sweet memories, send messages, and so on.
Photography is a vast subject, but one can start as an amateur, and you never know,
you may immerse yourself in this field and become the next famous photographer.

fun hobbies for girls


I believe every girl inherits certain culinary skills, but polishing them is up to you. You
can explore the creative side of you while baking, decorating a certain dish, topping or
garnishing. There are also umpteen number of flavors, spices and cuisines to discover.
Hence, cooking can never bore you.

fun hobbies for girls

Candle Making

You buy candles for special occasions, don’t you? How about developing the aromatic
candle making art and making these candles at home. They are easy to make and fun
to pursue as a hobby.

hobbies for girls


Girls are basically creative, and hobbies like pottery develop or polish their creative side
even more. If you are one who loves to mold mud or clay into beautiful pots or patterns,
pottery is a hobby you must consider.

fun hobbies for girls

Performing Arts

This sure is the favorite of many. There can be nothing like performing arts to ease
yourself out or keep yourself occupied during your free time. Arts like dancing, singing,
and so on, help you overcome your inhibitions and boosts your confidence levels to a
great extent.

fun hobbies for girls


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