Homemade wedding invitations


There may be many things to do on wedding time. Write one more thing in your to do list of wedding. Make each invitation by your hand, it’s not only by hand but by heart 🙂 Here is a some creative and super cool idea of handmade wedding invitation. Hope all of you get enough idea after reading whole post.

Handmade wedding invitations using envelop’s paper

Take an envelop paper which is available in market and make your wedding invitations by your hands. Make a wedding cards which have all information related to your wedding online and print out them and stick them on envelop paper and tie them using gold beading cord.

DIY-homemade-handmade-wedding invitations
Invitations cards stick on envelop paper
homemade wedding invitations-DIY wedding invitations
Wedding invitations using envelop papers


 Wedding invitation cards decoration ideas

Invitations cards decoration using different types of cords or different types of clothes laces and much more. You can get more ideas after seeing below images. Make creative invitations for your wedding with Best out of Waste.

creative decoration on homemade wedding invitations ideas
Homemade creative wedding invitations


Small and sweet homemade wedding invitation using just ribbon

Just print out all invitation cards and make holes on them using hole punch and tie different wedding function’s cards using ribbon and your sweet and small as well as creative wedding invitations are ready to mail.

Ribbon homemade wedding invitation cards
Small and sweet handmade cards


Do-it-yourself wedding invitations

Steps for this DIY cards are : print different occasion’s cards and cut slice bigger chart paper card and stick small cards on big on but stick them at only two sides as shown into below picture after that non-sticky two sides are used for tie them using cord or ribbon.

DIY homemade wedding invitations
DIY Wedding invitations


Creative way to invite your relatives

Blow balloon and get a save the date invitation on balloon. Amazing idea to invite your relatives. Another one is printable chocolate cover which contains all wedding information on wrapper. I have that two lovely ideas for wedding invitation. Drop your ideas on below comment box.

handmade-creative wedding invitation idea
Creative wedding invitation


Wedding season is already very busy season now put one more task in your list. Handmade wedding invitation give some creative efforts to your wedding and also attracts people to come your wedding. Hope all of you definitely try it to your wedding 🙂


  1. Well, these are lovely and perfect wedding invitation cards. Balloon invitation idea is unique one. Wedding card is one of those aspects in which one can make wedding special. Your invitation card ideas will help in this task. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Making each invitation by hand can be quite tedious. I have read many blog posts where people have shared the problems associated with making invitations all by themselves. While I thoroughly appreciate your efforts, I wonder whether I will ever be able to make my wedding invitation without professional assistance.

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