How to make Paper plate Butterflies – Step by Step guide for Kids


Supplies needed:

Thin paper plate

Paint/Watercolor for coloring

Black marker

Googly eyes

Popsicle stick

Step 1:

Color the paper plate using Watercolor or Paint. leave it to the imagination of the kids, about the pattern. Whatever they do is beautiful 🙂

Step1Step 2:
Help them to cut the Wings in the pattern as shown in the figure

step22Step 3:

Do the same thing for the other plate also. Both of them together will look like below.

Step 4:

Place the popsicle stick in the middle, and glue both the plates(wings) to the popsicle stick



Step 5:

Paint/Color the popsicle stick.


Step 6:

Use the black marker to draw eyes and mouth



Beautiful butterfly is READY!