How to manage your Earphones


How to manage your Earphones.

Are you also irritated with your tangled earphone? Do you break your earphones very often? So here are few ways to keep your earphone free from getting tangled getting, keeping them organised and safe.  Also these way do not need much investment, these are cheap, simple easy.

Cloth pin

Find two wooden clothes pins and glue them together with their handles and heads facing opposite ways to each other.

Clip the earbuds at the neck into one of the clothes pins and then wrap the cord around the space in both tails, clipping the end off in the other clothespin to keep it all in place.

If you’re feeling fancy, add some dots or another pattern along the backs of the clothespins in sharpie or paint!

headphone holder
earphone manager

Reuse your tape holder

Instead of throwing out the empty tape holder next time you finish a roll of tape, hang onto it for storing your earbuds. Use the rounded part where the tape used to wrap and wrap the cords of your earphone.

earphone manager

Wine cork earbud organizer

This one is one of the simplest ear bud solutions and you will be amazed to learn about it! All you need is a single wine cork. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cork to hold the plug end in place after you have carefully wrapped the cord all the way around the cork. Wrap the cord by crossing over neck of the buds to keep them from unraveling too.

earphone manager
earphone manager

Credit card earbud holder

Find an old, expired (or new if you want but we wouldn’t recommend this) credit card.

Use a drill and a drill bit to make two holes in the credit card at one of the short ends. This is where the earbuds will go. The size of the hole will depend on the particular set of earbuds.Use a utility knife to cut a trapezoid into the two long sides of the credit card. These cuts should ideally start after the corner’s radius as to avoid sharp corners.

With the utility knife, cut a line from each hole to the outside edge. This will be used for sliding the earbuds and their cord into the hole.

Cut a thin (about the thickness of the wire) channel from the bottom edge of the card to hole for the plug.

That is it. After this simple process, this a great way to recycle your old credit cards!

earphone manager
earphone manager

Swing spool

Grab an empty spool (you could even use a vintage one for some extra style, if you can find one), fit the ear bud in the center of the spool and wrap the cord around the whole thing like a piece of thread. This idea is also nice and compact.

earphone manager
earphone manager