How to use drinking straws to make Wall Hanging!

We use so many colorful drinking straws in our daily life,what do you do after using them? probably you throw them. But try making such kind of amazing wall hanging. You might be wondering that how can drinking plastic straws used to make attractive decor item for walls.

And guess what this not that hectic. You can make as many as wall hanging as you wish. This is simple, attractive and quick to make.

Follow just 5 step and making beautiful wall hanging using drinking straws.

Step 1

Take a cardboard and cut it round . Now take the plastic straws of full length and start sticking them in circle on the cut cardboard. Stick the straws on the periphery of the cardboard.

Step 2

Now take the straws and cut them shorter. Stick these shorter length straws inside the circle you made in step 1. Ensure that the distance between the straws in the two lyers is not much.

Step 3

Repeat the same step using more shorter straws and ensure that your cardboard get fully covered.

Step 4

After covering the cardboard fully with the straws, take round cardboard of the size similar to the cardboard you used to stick the straws. Paste this cardboard on the back side to secure them and give a uniform exterior plus you can put a hing to hang it on wall.

Step 5

You are almost done, what next you need is to color these straws. Use your preferred spray color to  the them.

wall hanging

You can either you round circle of cardboard or you can cut an hollow circle from the cardboard and flow the same steps

These kinds of art have various alternative like you can even insert a mirror , or a photograph to make it more attractive.

Decorate your home ,use this for Christmas Eve ,festival decoration and etc.These art and craft activity help you to manage waste and give best out of them.

wall hanging