Lighthouse from old flower pot


Lighthouse from old flower pot

An inexpensive craft project made with clay pots is a lighthouse for a garden decoration. This is a guide about making a terra cotta lighthouse.

This lighthouse made from clay pots, however, is very traditional in its style. It’s a bright, bold and classic and I just love it! This fantastic garden addition is so much better than any gnome, and it’s both easy and affordable to make.

This is the perfect little decoration to any beach house, or in any garden or on any porch, really, but you can certainly keep yours indoors, too. And you can vary the size of the pots to make a much smaller one for a mantelpiece, for example, or start with a large pot and stack another four on top for an even bigger statement piece.

Step 1

Paint the base of the flower pots red spray colour, for more attractiveness you can try using fabric oil paint which will shine on your mud materiality pot.

Once you have painted the base start painting the rim of the flower pots white.

light house

Step 2

To give the light house look to your flower paint a window, approximately 1 square inch, about half an inch from the rim of the pot.

Now glue decorative rope around the edge of the pot’s rim.

light house
light house

Step 4

Once you are done painting the flower pot, do the same with two more flower, whose size decreases gradually from the first one

light house

Step 5

Now to place these flower pot in your garden securely take a saucer. Paint the saucer blue.

light house

After everything has dried, spray with a weather sealant.

Step 8

Once the sealant is dry, stack the pots from largest to smallest in the centre of the saucer.

Step 9

Now take a close lantern (so that it resist in rainy environment). Glue this lantern to the top.

light house

Step 10

Fill the remaining space on the saucer with pebbles.

Place your lighthouse in a sunny spot in your yard or garden and enjoy!

light house