Monster Pencil Holders from empty Shampoo Bottles


We might not pay much attention to this detail but we probably have a few pencils and pens on our desk that we always move from one place to another and always stumble upon. It would be much easier if we get something to store them in and can make our desk much more organized. This one is a monster-look pencil holder that’s been made from an empty shampoo bottles. All we need to do is find an empty shampoo bottle that has the right shape and size and simply proceed on it. Cut here and there and we get a beautiful decorative piece that’s also functional. It seems a lovely piece for the office or for the desk at home.

Steps to create Monster Pencil Holder from Shampoo Bottle

1) All you need is an empty shampoo bottle, few black and white stickers for monster’s face, a knife or a dagger with a slender blade to cut out the plastic portion, scissors and universal glue. Use double-sided tape if you want to hang on the wall.


2) Remove the bottle label and draw the eyes, mouth and head of the monster with a pencil. Insert a stylus above the top of the head of the monster to make an initial cut.



3) Cut the monster’s head with scissors



4) Draw the arms of the monster. Draw one on each side of the upper portion of the bottle and cut.



5) Glue the arms on the back of the monster. Use universal glue or other adhesive that is suitable for plastics.



6) Glue the cut stickers.



7) To fix on the wall, use double-sided tape!


Have a fun with your kids !! 




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