Nail Polish bottle upcycle


Do you always throw away your empty nail polish bottles? You do not have to now! Those cute little bottles can be up-cycled and used as decorative items in the house or as gifts for friends. They can be turned into beautiful looking showpieces for your desk or side-table !! I love to put it near the mirror of my bedroom.

How does it look !!


Here is an easy way to beautify these tiny bottles. To up-cycle your nail polish bottles, you will need:
Nail polish bottles
Spray paint of any color
String or yarn
Decorative button
Newspaper to protect your working surface

Step 1: Remove any labels stuck on the nail polish bottle.


Step 2: Empty out whatever nail polish is left in the bottle. You can use thinner to clean the bottle from the inside. Just put some thinner inside the bottle, swirl and empty it into a disposable glass.


Step 3: Cover your working surface with newspaper and spray paint on the bottle. Make sure to maintain a safe distance while spraying. Cover the bottle properly with the spray paint. Leave the bottle to dry up completely.


Step 4: Insert the decorative button into the string and wrap it around the neck of the bottle. Tie a tiny knot at the back.


Let’s Up-cycle and reuse tiny Nail-polish and make some colorful show-pieces for our lovely house.



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