Nursery Wall-decor Ideas


Wall-decor ideas for preschool or nursery on Best Out of waste . Before writing any things about ideas, I want to thank Pallavee Arkile for sharing there amazing pop-up wall decor art for nursery school.

Here I am sharing a full tutorial on Nursery wall-art with an amazing pop-up effects on wall which definitely attracts your all little kids and also their parents. Make your nursery school more beautiful with these pop-up wall art.

nursery wall art-wall decoration ideas-best out of waste ideas for class-3
Pop-up wall-art for nursery

Now on-wards kids’s favorite cartoons are in them nursery school and so that they love to come and do not cry even at first day of nursery school. Here I have a full tutorial on pop-up wall-art for nursery.

Steps ::

1.  Buy charts on weight charts should be little fat in width.

2.  Now overlap of wall-art is 1.5 cm. And make a base for as per required size.

3.  Mix normal camlin colors with fevicol and water as per required and make base.

4.  Now use same type paper for creating pop up images (combine sheets if required according to size).

5.  Buy medium thick cloth same as base paper size. Slowly role the paper base then stick behind the background with fevicol.

wall-decor ideas wall-art for kids
3D effects on wall-art

6.  Let base stick overnight to the base cloth, then carefully detach it from floor as it will stick to floor.

7.  Now use different width thermocol, to give pop up effect let it dry for average 3 hrs.

8. Then mount it on wall using nails.

9.  cut tinted paper boarder and stick it.

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Another example for nursery wall-art ::

nursery wall art-wall decoration ideas-best out of waste ideas for class-2
Aquarium as wall-art for nursery

Here another art for preschool is Rhyme card for nursery kids.

Required things for Crab rhyme card :-

German sheet

acrylic paints

sea shells collected form sea-shore

rhyme crab card for preschool - kids- nursery- kids
Crab rhyme card

Get an ideas about How to make rhyme cards for kids or preschool and teach those ideas to your kids. It also looks amazing as a kids drawing school projects. Here is another rhyme card ideas for kids.

rhyme card ideas for kids of preschool or nursery
Rhyme cat card for kids

Paper-quilling card ideas for kids

Here is a simple uses of paper-quilling Technic to give 3D effects to your cards. you can get more ideas about my strategy after seeing below picture of paper-quilling kids card ideas.

paper-quilling cards ideas for kids of preschool or nursery
Paper-quilling cards for kids

In above paper-quilling cards for kids, other then background and cute dolls, all the stuffs of picture create using paper-quilling technique. Give pop-up effects to dolls using same technique used into above pop-up wall art.

Hope your kids room or nursery school looks more beautiful with all the effects which are shared by me as shown above. Share your ideas with me and I will share them in my Best out of waste Blog.