5 Old Keys Recycling Idea To Play With Old Keys.


Most of people thinks that old keys are wastage of house and throw them in dustbin,If you are doing same then wait for a minute. Below description takes just a little time to recycle your old keys in beautiful home decoration items.

Best Out of waste ideas for kids

Use your old keys in brilliant ways. So when your key chains are full of keys and you want to distinguish the keys from each other then, you can easily find them. Read the given below posts for more detailed ideas.

 Best key-holders out of waste keys

Here I am describing the first way to recycle the old keys. you can make a key-holder from the old keys. As mentioned in the title old keys hold your new keys. For a better idea look at the image shown below.


For making such a Beautiful key-holder, you need one rectangle piece of wood and some old keys

Necessary Things :Rectangular wood piece, old keys, nut-boll.

first step is to bend old keys as shown in above image.(such as it looks like holder).

second step is to fit those keys on wood using nut-bolls.

third step is to hang out key holder on wall. and here it’s ready to holding your current keys.

Your Beautiful key-holder is ready to use.

Create Key-chain Using Old-Keys

In that craft idea, we can use old keys to make a cute Key-chains which are favorites in children also. You can also use that idea in children best out of waste competition at their school.Cute_Key_chain_from_old_Keys A very brilliant way to use old keys is to make a KEY-CHAIN.Key-chain use to manage your keys easily. so let’s manage your new keys using old keys key-chain.

Here I just cut the end of keys so that it looks different.You can also stick colorful paper cutting on the keys to make it more beautiful.

With this simple steps you can create awesome key-chains for your home/children as I’ve done.


 Colorful Wind Chime For Balcony-Garden

Wind-Chime is a most popular currently useful item for home decoration. It will help you to make your garden and balcony extremely  attractive. Let’s try to make a home made Wind- Chime using Old Keys.



Necessary Things : Old Keys, Paint color and lace.

Take a old keys and paint them with a different color whatever you like. Gang them using old lace on plants which are a part of your garden. so whenever wind comes in your garden, there will be a sweet sounds of home-made wind-chime.A name given by me to this cute as well as attractive wind-chime is ECO-FRIENDLY WIND-CHIME.


Decoration Material For Children Room

One of my favorite craft idea for kids to make decorative things from old keys.

A very cute and perfect for decorating children room. You will get a detailed idea from the image shown below.


Keys wear clothes which are made by me from some old Christmas material and old clothes. Using some regular cut on keys will make a  material keys-clothes. After creating clothes I used old and broken bracelet for hanging it.

Finally hang this beautiful decoration on children’s room. It will look very attractive.


Differentiate Currently Using Keys With Craft Idea

This is a way to differentiate currently keys. This is some what different idea from ideas discussed above. Whenever our key-chain is full of keys, at that time identify correct keys from key-hub is much more difficult.

In order to solve this common issue,I have come up with the idea using easy home-made craft over keys. Clear this idea with image shown below.



As shown in image, you can cut and stick your own design.Be careful while designing keys.Each Key design must be different from each other.

You can also use sparkle to decorate the keys.


Hope this ideas to decorate the keys will help you to use the old keys in better way.


  1. Hi. Faldu your idea of using old keys in different ways is interesting,keep doing creative things God Bless U…..

  2. love ur concept n have been trying things too. lovely. can I also add some ideas ht I do at home to make best out of waste.

  3. it is easy to say that what v r watching can able to do. but in that the interest as well as the Idea is Important how to Utilize. The empty Bottles can use as a Flower Pot, Comb stand, Spoon Stand and many more. This gives lot of Ideas to get share. Thank u.

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