Orange is good enough as a fruit, but here we use wastage part of orange as a craft.Yes,here i say about Orange-peel.


After below ideas, i definitely say that you all never throw any-one orange peel. All of you also teach Xmas decoration using orange peel. Moms of world are being happy with their children because of Orange-peel ideas.


Children Orange Peel Craft 

After seeing this craft, i definitely say to all moms that your children will pertinacious for eating  an orange. So all children must be taught this lesson by them moms and also increase imagination and intelligence.

Children-orange peel craft

Small children also use this craft as a school project and are impressed their teachers. Other idea is to make an orange-peel man.

orange peel man

Orange-peel man is created whenever you will eat a orange .Steps more ever clear from picture . you cut a hand and leg shape while cutting orange-peel.

Happy Halloween Craft

A very quick craft for a Halloween-day , 31 October. You can also try regular design for a regular days. Design is changeable according to festival . Next post is related to Diwali so we create diya from orange-peel.

Helloween Craft using orange peel

Step-1: Cut a Orange-peel as shown in top-left corner.

Step-2 Use inner part of orange where ever you want.

Step-3 Make a design on outer layer

Step-4 Put a Small candle or small battery bulb inside craft.

Orange-peel As A Serving Vessel 

Use a Orange-peel in serving different foods and make a food more delicious and attractive. so no one resists after seeing your serving dish. Here as a picture say, you can try with ice-cream and soup with this method.

serve ice-cream in orange peel

Serve sup in orange peel


In a steps, cut a orange peel in different shape. Here, you must be careful while cutting a orange because shape is a only thing which must be a perfect.


Halloween Day Craft For Children 

Let’s make a children happy on Halloween craft. As i say before you can change a design and children become happy to see a chocolate inside a orange-peel. You can also say “Surprise Craft” 🙂

Chocolate storage box

Step-1 Cut a Orange and take a inner part for as usual activity.

Step-2 Make a childish design on a peel

Step-3 Put a colorful chocolate inside craft.


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Orange Peel Festoon

A perfect festoon for a home-garden. Decorate your garden with a orange-peel can make a cheapest-trivial-handy festoon for an attractive look of your home and garden.

Garden decoration using orange peel


Step-1 Cut a orange peel in star shape using star cutter.

Step-2 Erect a thread-circle at one angle of star.

Step-3 Put orange-peel star in sun-heat for drying purpose.

Step-4 Hang all Stars with the help of stick.


Home Decoration

This Xmas, Let’s make some cheapest craft for a Xmas tree. Here, use a semi-dry orange peel as a craft. so put a peel into freeze and avoid more dryness.

Home Decoration using orange peel-2Home Decoration using orange peel-1


xmas decoration using orange peel


For a peel flower, cut orange in circular manner and dry them for a some time.some dryness give them a perfect binding.

For Xmas festoon, cut a peel using star cutter and heart cutter, if you don’t have a cutter,you can also cut them using knife. Before peel dry, make a festoon from the shaped peel.

Food Garnishing 

Let’s make a food more attractive using wastage part of orange, yes i say about orange peel. Make a flower’s petal from peel and using tooth-pick, you can collect all petal and make a perfect flower for garnishing.I got this idea from the garnishing food’s ideas website.


So – now, your guest can’t  resists after seeing your food-dish with a orange-peel garnishing 😉


Candlelight Dining Table Decoration

Can any be imaged about orange-peel decoration for a candle light dinner ? No… 😀 Here, i make your imagination more can make a flower only from semi-dry or wet peel and after that dry them, use them in flower-pot decoration.

Dining table decoration using orange peel Decorate Xmas or diwali candle using orange peel

Try out dry-star peel in candle decoration and make your date very special. Best Luck…!!! 😉

Create A Traditional Lamp 

Create a lamp using a peel is a easiest type of craft. On any festival like a Diwali, Xmas and much more , you can make a such a lamp without cotton thread because use a middle of orange instead of cotton thread.

DIY-Orange-Peel-Candle Orange peel candle-1

only some oil and orange-peel quickly make a different lamp for any occasion.Try it must..!!!

Girl Hair Craft

A dry orange-peel flower look awesome as a hair pin.You can teach a peel  flower from the above post. So don’t confuse to see only below picture but read a procedure from above craft-type.


Re-purposed Bird Feeder

Here, Bird-feeder from an Orange peel, A craft for a environment . Natural bird-feeder is a best craft for birds because you can help birds using  just little efforts and also you can decorate your garden using only a Orange peel ,  then why are we not done such a small craft for birds?  Must make it for birds.

orange peel feeder-1

Conclusion:- Day to day craft, Xmas craft, environment craft, Home decoration craft and much more using only wastage of Orange. I think that you would like a idea about orange-peel craft.  Share your ideas about any fruit’s peel craft. Admin is waiting for your reply…. 🙂