Organizers made from packs of wet wipes.


Organizer made from packs of wet wipes

Organizer made from wet wipes. If you are a mother this is for you. You might be tried of throwing empty packets of wipe wets ,so here is an awesome craftship using unused wet wipe packet.

wet wipe organiser

Make an organiser using wet wipes under the following step and use this organiser to keep cotton, wiping cloths, jellewary,colors,stationary etc .

So, here are 5 simple steps to make organizer out of wet wipes!

1Step 1

Take old empty wet wipe packet of your child . carefully take out the plastic cover from the it.

2Step 2

Take any old cardboard box maybe your shoe box. Now take care that you need a fully sealed box for this organiser so take a plan cardboard and paste it on the open side of the box.

wet wipe organiser

3Step 3

Take an attractive handmade sheet,maybe your child’s favorite colour and cover the cardboard with it .paste the sheet nicely so that there are no creases.


4Step 4

Now  with the help of hot glue/gun glue stick the plastic cover on the upper portion of your cardboard.

5Step 5

With help of therm-col cutter cut the cardboard in the exact shape that of the plastic cover. To avoid the roughness on the inside corner of the opening, use small strip of the sheet and paste it uniformly.

Here you go! To make the box more attractive stick cartoon stickers over the plastic cover, or decorate it with help of gems etc

wet wipe organiser

You can even use these wet wipe to make mailbox and hang it outside your home for organizing your letters,mails and post.These daily hacks with packs of wet wipe are easy and manages your stuff systematically. Also give a different uniqueness using art and craft.