Paper Quilling Arts Cards Contest for Valentines day 2014

Paper Quilling Arts Cards Contest for Valentines day 2014

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Valentines day 2014 count down started and many of my friends have started to be prepare for it. Here we are come up with the first contest named “Paper Quilling Art Cards Contest for Valentines day 2014″ on Best out of waste blog. Day by Day we are Increasing our network and sharing the ideas with the users.

We have founded that many of us are so creative in paper quilling arts. So we have decided to arrange a contest to find out the creativity and share them across a world.

As you know that valentines day week 2014 contains the mainly 7 days. viz : Chocolate day, kiss Day, Valentines day, Promise Day, Rose Day, Hug Day and Teddy day.

We want the paper Quilling arts card on this theme. You can show your creativity to display either of the valentines day week 2014.

Rules for Paper Quilling Arts contest 2014

Here are the simple rules to be followed by a participant of this contest.

  1. User must Create a UNIQUE Valentines day Card using Paper Quilling Art.
  2. Comment on this post regarding this contest.
  3. Card theme should be based on Valentines day week.
  4. Write a step by step procedure (in English) to create a card in minimum 200 words along with at least 6 images.
  5. Make sure that Images are clear and visible.
  6. You can use Internet for Ideas. If your instructions and images are copied from the internet then entry will be discarded.
  7.  You must share this post/images on Facebook account and groups.
  8. After complete the above steps Email us your content with the steps,images,Your Good name and your beautiful photo graph on
  9. Entries after 14th jan 2014 will not be accepted.
  10. Results will be declared before 20th jan 2014
  11. 3 Winners will be rewarded with the useful Books related to Crafts and DIY ideas.

Selection of the winners will be done by our team. Result of this Valentines day Contest will be shared on this page only.

This is a golden chance for you to show up your creativity and get featured on the INDIA”S LARGEST CRAFT COMMUNITY.

We wish you all the best to the participants of this paper quilling art contest 2014 based on Valentines day Week theme.

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