Till today you hear about glass ice-cream bowl and most of us use same for serving ice-creams. But now time to make some interesting serving bowl instead of just glass-bowl. Let’s put some effort in kitchen and make this quick and easy chocolate ice-cream bowl.

What do you need to make this chocolaty bowl ?

Chocolate syrup

Food paper

Certain no of balloons(as many bowls as you want to make)

Safety pin

And of-course ice-cream for serving 😛

How to make it ? 

Blow balloons. Make balloon as big as you want bowl-size. You get more clear idea by visualize below image. then deep it into chocolate syrup. Cover only below part of balloon.


Now take some extra chocolate syrup in spoon. put and spread them on food paper. After this on this, put your chocolaty deep balloon. Put as it is for a while. Till it gets dry.


After you feel, chocolate syrup on balloon is completely dry. take a safety pin and pin balloons one by one. remove balloons from the chocolate cups. Ready to serve.


Best thing of this cup is yet to come. After eating ice-cream now time to eat ice-cream cup also.Yummy….!! 😀 

Eat bowl at the end
Eat bowl at the end

Hope you also try this yummy chocolate ice-cream bowls at your home and enjoy not only ice-cream but also those chocolate bowl. 😀



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