Recycle your Waste Material


Recycle your Waste Material

We all use many new thing in our day-to-day life . We buy stuff we use them and then authentically they are meant to be thrown. But did you ever think of reusing the waste material ? Yes it may be that we think of reusing them but we do not proceed ?

Lack of time , interest and laziness leads to consumption of lot of waste from a single home.

Do you know India generate about 10,00,000 tone waste per day. How can we reduce this well very simple question to this is recycle your old things. You might have a question HOW?

Well in my articles I have shared many things which will help you in recycling your day-to-day waste material.

Recuse Old Bulbs

The Tungsten bulb are no more in use, we emphasis on using CFL or LEDs as they consume less power. We save electricity by using these lower power consumption bulbs but how can we save environment the unused Tungsten bulbs.

Make Bulb garden …!

Yes you read it right  Bulb Garden. Follow 4 5 steps given below and you will have an amazing recycle bulb hanging garden.

  1. Remove the upper metal of the bulb with the help of penchis.
  2. Carefully remove all the filaments from the bulb and  make your bulb empty.
  3. Take a thin metal wire and make a hanging as shown in the figure.
  4. For decoration round up the jute rope on the neck of the bulb.
  5. Insert some colourful flower weeds and hang them in your garden.

Recycle the giant tyer

We can use old giant tyers to make this cat bed.

We all replace the tyer of our vehicle after certain interval of time. What if we decorate the old tryer to make something from it ? I am sure that it may not take more then a day or two.

  1. Well clean the tyer thoroughly with water and paint it black. Let the paint dry for a day.
  2. Now cut the tyer from within to make a hollow cylinder. Also cut a section of wire in such a way that you have path for a cat to move in.
  3. To avoid the roughness of the cut portion , stick a lace.
  4. Place small bed of size that suits the size of tyer.
  5. Decorate well and here you have a new item for your home and pet.

Bottle Recycle Hack

I am fed up of those cold drink plastic bottles. Inn summer there were days when I could not get even a place to dispose them.

I thought to resolve this major issue of every household.

I made many things from these plastic bottle one of my creativity was bird feeder from plastic bottle.

Take the plastic bottle cut it in the shape as shown in figure .

Paint the bottle with spray paint. At the top add a oversized cup as shown in figure.

And here you go ! Decorate the bottle with paint and buttons. Hang these bird feeder in your garden and make your birds happiiiieeee!


Recycle old Keyboard

We do not use those old keyboards with big buttons any more. Do you throw your old keyboard or you keep them to eat dust . Well here is very unique idea to use your old keyboard.

Make a pen holder….! Yes a pen holder .

The most painful thing do might be taking the keys out of the board. But worry not , carefully open the keyboard and take the key out form it.

Take tin container probably of a small size and stick the keys of the keyboard on it randomly.

Here is technical pen stand ready !


Cork KeyRing

This definitely for wine lovers. Have your thought where did your cork go after you bust the gas of wine bottle? Well that is never our concern!

What if I suggest you to find those cork and use them to make a keyring for your keys…..

Search  the cork and insert the question mark hook into it. Now attach the chain and close the hook.

To the chain insert a round metal ring  and close it tight. And you get an amazing keyring ready out of recycled cork .


I hope these ideas help you to reduce , reuse and recycle your waste material. You can find interesting articles on how to recycle old cardboard,how to recycle glass bottles , how to recycle old flower pot and many more .


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