Reuse Your Old T-Shirts


Reuse Your Old T-Shirts

Friends do you often make pocha of your old clothes, or you throw them off?

After reading this article you will never throw your old T-shirts .They can be used very creatively for reuse or for making some amazing craft.

So, let’s learn various unique ideas to reuse your old t shirts.

If you have two or more old t shirts in good condition but you are bored of them so lets do

“Remake of them”

You will need:-

A sewing machine

Two or more old shirts

Take two different t shirts, they can be used by stitching them together and the best part will be if the one among them is hoodie which makes your dress more fashionable and trendy.

With the use of fabric colours: If you are a good painter or love to draw and paint then this one’s for you .You can do the  remake of your t shirts by using fabric colors fabrics.

Colors are easily available on nearby stores and you can even order them online from here. with the help of  these colors you can make designs on your t shirt or you can even write your favourite quotes on your t shirts.

reuse old t-shirt

Reform old T-shirts

By just removing the sleeves you can make Trees out of your old t shirts.

Now,try something from completely worn out t shirts 

reuse old t shirt
t shirt

Don’t worry we have solution for this too.

You can make several crafts and decorative item  out of them.

Randomly cut out pieces of different colors from different t shirts. Arrange a rectangular or circular  frame made of wood then start placing and sticking all the pieces from top left corner of rectangular the frame.If you wish to add some beads you can stick them in between and decorate accordingly to make it look beautiful.

reuse old t shirt

Pillow from T-shirts

To decorate your house you can make pillow covers of your tshirts. It very simple to do, you have to just know how to stitch.

pillow cover

Make a Bag out of T-shirts

Here is again an interesting way to reuse your old T- shirts.Stich them to make bags or even you can make no sew bags by tying knots.

I hope now you will not throw away your old T-shirts.

reuse old t shirt


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