Shoe organiser using old cardboard tubes


Shoe organiser using old cardboard tubes

Do you throw those round tubes of cardboard which come complementary with your PVC pipes? What if I suggest you to make a shoe organizer with those unused cardboard tubes?  It’s so easy and fun to build a DIY shoe rack organizer yourself. Make shoe organiser under these simple steps and extract best from your waste material.

All you need is some long and wide cardboard tubes that can be cut and glued to make a cool personal shoe organizing wall!

Here are 5  simple, easy and quick steps to make this amazing shoe organizer and explore daily life  cardboard hacks.

Step 1

Take round cardboard tubes; be sure that the tubes are wide enough for a pair of shoes.

Step 2

Cut the tubes all the same length to be sure that shoes will fit and not hang out. Use a hacksaw or an electric bandsaw to cut the cardboard tubes uniformly and without any roughness.

Step 3

Once the tubes are cut to size, begin gluing them with wood glue and stack them upwards. Be sure to not make the tubes too many wide so it will fit in closet.


Step 4

Continue gluing the cardboard tubes to each other making sure not to go to high. Recommend not going beyond 4 layers of cardboard tube because it may get imbalanced.


Step 5

Once glue is dry and everything is secure, begin adding your pairs of shoes. Before adding shoes, put the cardboard DIY shoe rack in your closet or in place where will be used.

cardboard organiser

You can but come up with some more creativity by coloring the cardboard tubes using spray non adhesive acrylic paints. This can also be done using PVC pipe. It is your choice but cardboard is cheaper to buy than PVC.

You can collect the empty cardboard tube from the giant cello-tape and glue them together to make makeup organiser.

cardboard organiser


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