Tech Craft Pot- Use Floppy


A Tech Craft Floppy Pot

So you are thinking what to do with your old Floppy drives? Are you trying to throw them away or its taking space in your room and making your place look like floppy bin?
We are here presenting you the step guide to create best out of waste from floppy drive, create floppy pot.
so you have floppies, now follow below steps to create wonderful pot and make it tech pot.
1) Just take 5 floppy and make boundary with the use of 4 floppy as shown in pic and cover it from one side with the use of one floppy.2
2) After joining them your floppy creation will look like this.33) So what next? you have created a place where you can put your plant. So take your plant which you want to plant it on tech floppy pot.
4) So Put it the same way as shown in below image. It will look like this.
5) Create as many as you want and create colorful tech pot. And use your waste thing to make it best. 7
Do share your story of best out of waste on we will publish it on our page.
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