Use your Used ball Point Pens and Create Something amazing !!


Ever Wondered what happen to your used ball point pens ??

#BestOutOfWaste – waste pens that can be used and make best out of waste.

Here these Pen Pals guys changing the way to treat your used ball point pen.

What they says::

Hello there! Come join us in our dream for a “Litter-free Literate World”, where pens continue as a symbol of literacy while waste pens get upcylced into cool & eco-friendly products to stop pollution. The Yellow Chair (TYC) is the face of this dream.

Now you will get amazed by seeing what have your used pen did ?? What they have made ??

1) The Yellow Chair (TYC)

The redesigned Yellow Chair is a piece of art made by using 300+ waste pens. It comes with attractive features like – comfort seating, compactness, foldability. It is also easy to carry & store. You are sure to fall in love with it!



Why Pens ???

Why not !! Every year more than 6 billion disposable pens are used and thrown all over the world. Manufacturers of these pens admit that their products are generally not designed to be recycled. Because they are made up of different grades of plastic, with chemical ink and a metal point which makes recycling difficult. Bic, one of the largest manufacturers of pens sold its 100 billionth pen in 2005!



2) Indian Flag (Using old Used pens to give it a uniqueness).



3) Rainbow Lamp (One of the best and amazing creativity shown here)



4) Pens collection camp (Donate your pen or contribute to PenPals)



5) Simple But Cute (The way PenPals treat Pens is just Awesome)






6) Contribute to them and make their effort and dream fulfill. Do visit or contact on below given details.


For Contribution Click here.


Note :: This Best out of waste story is published with in the interest of the Pen Pals Team.

Source : Way World