Valentine’s day is coming nearer day by day… And All Lovers become ready for their surprise. Are you prepare yourself for next valentine’s day ? Let’s do some Crafts on this valentine’s day.. A easy and quick craft which is easily done by any children also.

Here is a Three ideas for valentine’s day crafts

1. DIY String Heart Art

First idea is string heart art for your valentine. You can use them for decoration in your surprise party. Your kids also able to do this craft. After valentine’s day, you could use it as a forever wall-hanging . It’s look awesome on day-to-day lifestyle also.


 Need-able things ::

A Wooden Block





1. Take a wooden block and Make a heart shaped design on it. (Also Star design is popular).

2. Put down hammer nails on the edges of heart shaped design.

3. Take a red string and Tie one end with any one hammer-nail.

4.Take string from one nails to another nail and make a round around second nail and do so and so… until you get heart shaped DIY  craft using strings.

2. DIY  Heart-Shaped Art Using Iron Thread

Here, second idea of valentine’s day is with iron thread instead of Wooden block. A waste iron-thread is also useful so that it’s called one type of  Best Out Of Waste Ideas. As a first image in four is shown, for this craft you have below things

Iron Heart Art


Need-able Things :

Waste Iron – Thread ( Use waste hanger thread)

Colorful Cotton-Threads



1. Take a iron thread and made a heart shape from it as shown in second image.

2. As shown in second image, tie one end of cotton-thread at point where  two round end of heart is met.

3. Repeat second steps until you get final craft as shown in finale image .

4. Finally ready your Valentine ‘s day wind chimes.

Get More wind- chimes Idea from waste keys ::  Wind-Chime From Old Keys

3.  “LOVE” shaped Craft From Colorful Threads

Love is a word which totally relate to valentine’s day. So let’s make a valentine’s day LOVE ART with threads and colorful flowers. It looks beautiful in valentine’s day ‘s decoration.  Make a small LOVE word using below technique and use them in card-decoration.

Love Shaped made from Colorful thread


Need-able Things :

Some Flowers For Decoration

Colorful Threads

Hard- paper ( new refrigerator, Tv’s wastage  packing  paper)



Steps :

1. Take a hard paper and Make a “L” , “O” , “V” , “E” letter on this paper.

2. Cut above letter.

3.  Spread  fevicol or glue on letter’s surface and stick threads on them in any one direction either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

4. Decorate letters with flowers.

Hope that all of you like above stuff and try out them in next valentine’s day. Upload your ideas at or comment here because they might be helpful to other people.