6 DIY Ideas For Kids On Valentine’s Day 2014


Valentine’s Day is all about to love and pride. Love between husband and wife — Love between Children and Parents. now time is very nearer when love is in air. Let’s celebrate our valentine’s day with kids and Make bonding stronger and stronger with kids.

Here, I have bunch of  DIY ideas on valentine’s day  which could make by any child of world with little help of parents. Enjoy valentine’s day with your children… !! I hope my stuff really helpful to all.

1. Valentine’s Day kids Card Using Noodles

We work on kids project so that let’s pick something very lovable to child…..It’s noodle. Noodles is a favorite food of most of children. Make a card with noodle’s. I give a caption  to this lovely crafts “Noodle-Doodle card”

valentine's day kids card ideas
Valentine’s Day Kids Card

Steps ::

1. Take a noodle and partially color them with your children.

2. Using cotton thread, make a noodle necklace using other decorative accessories.

3. Use noodle necklace in decorative portion of cards.

A cute quotes on cards are :: You Make Me Lose My Noodle!  Card is ready in three little steps. Enjoy cute card with your children. Try it on next valentine’s day .

courtesy : ALISON

2. Colorful Hearts As Valentine’s craft For Kids

Waste colors or Small color sticks after so much rubbing , now very useful in next valentine’s day. Very simple in procedure and definitely like by every children.

Colorful heart valentine's craft for kids
Waste color as Best Colorful Heart

Steps for valentine’s heart ::

1 : Take all waste colors and cut them in small pieces.

2 : Put those pieces in heart shaped oven’s dish on 230 degree for 15 minutes. (Be careful for kids)

3 : Use heart for valentine’s day card decoration. Here little colorful hearts are used in small valentine’s card.

4: Attach those small valentine’s day card with other e-waste and give as a gift. (As shown in below picture.)

colorful heart with wheel decoration
E-waste wheel with small handmade cards

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 3. Heart Shaped Book-Mark As Valentine’s Day Project For Kid

This craft is useful for kids in their valentine’s Day School project or as a gift on valentine’s day. Now days Schools organize valentine’s day competition , so craft also use in competition.

heart bookmark for valentine's day craft
Heart Book-Marks

Required Things : : 

Paper Clips




White Thread

Steps ::

1. Cut felt in heart shape . (Minimum two heart)

2. Stitch any one heart’s corner using white Thread

3. Put glue on one heart then spread glue on that and put paper-clips on it and put second heart on them.(Heart+glue+paper-clip+second heart) .

4. Your heart-shaped paper-clip is ready.

courtesy :: MIQUE

 4. Magical Message In Bottle On Valentine’s Day 

Let’s Do Some Magic On Valentine’s Day….!! very simple scientific formula behind whole craft.  

Invisible Message- Valentine Day Craft
Magical Message Bottle

Steps ::

1  : Take a White paper and write a message using lemon water ( example : “Happy Valentine Day” as a message).

2 : Write another message down to first message using black ink. (Second Message :: “Hold this paper on heat”).

3 : Rounded the message-paper and put it in bottle with colorful heart shape made from colorful chart paper.

4 : So, when another person open that white-paper and only read second message so hisher put that paper on heat source and Get first message “Happy Valentine Day”.

5. Valentine’s Day Festoon

For heart shaped paper cutting , Heart-shaped punching machine is available in market so using that type of punching machine you can make different colors heart then make a festoon for valentine by simple stitching.

decoration-paper-heart-valentine's day
Decorative Festoon

I hope last one craft really helpful in any decoration on any festival but valentine’s day is best time to use them.

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6. Heart Shaped Pop Up Card For Valentine’s Day

Different types of pop-up cards are very popular in now-days so on next valentine’s day , Heart shaped pop- up card is best wish card for valentine. Simple cutting on chart paper leads to a beautiful card. Steps are here,

Heart-shaped-pop-up-card-valentine's day
Heart Shape Pop-UP Valentine Day Card

 Steps : :

  1. Take any one color chart paper and cut it in square shape .
  2. Draw design as shown in below picture.pixel-heart-For Pop up card
  3. Horizontal line is a middle line of card from which any card is twisted (or sweep).
  4. After drawing, Cut only yellow line of heart. (Using Cutter).
  5. After Cutting, Bend card at black line of heart-drawing. (As shown in third step of picture).
  6. Your Pop-Up card is now ready.

Courtesy : MINIECo

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