Create designed flowers from the waste X-rays


So you have enough of x-rays piled up defining your old injuries? Mischievous you must!!!x-ray-01-160412-630-jpg_051816

Well be like that but what would you do with your big black sheets?

Here’s the way out.

Take a sheet of x-ray. Roll it as thin as possible. Stable the rolled sheet from one side to stay like wise. Now cut the sheet from either side till midway. Make multiple cuts as near as possible.
Once done, hold the stapled side upside down. See the flowery pattern happens on the other side.

Well that’s not the end. We are going to make it more beautiful.

Thermocol beads are easily available. Take colorful beads and peirce multiple beads in each of the x-ray strip you have just cut. Maintain some distance between two beads.
Also make sure each strip had bead at head.

Tadaaaa….. So we are done with the new flower pot replacement. Of-course this one don’t needs any water to stay fresh

A contrast metallic sleek pot would surely give a new look to your own designed flowers