Monogram Wreath Tutorial  from Jute 1
Monogram wreath tutorial  from jute and ribbons is one easy gift to make for your friend who is getting married or to someone whose birthday is either approaching and for that all you have to do is follow some really simple steps .  I started by securing the jute on the backside of the letter with my glue gun.Then, I...
Wax Lamp 5
Lovely wax lamp with professional look! These wax lamps are safe and eco friendly. You will be appreciated if it is used creatively like in candle light dinner, decorating home for a dinner party, gifting relatives in Diwali and so on. It saves times and easy to make it at home but be careful while making as its hot wax. You...
Crayon Colorful Hearts 5
A colorful Heart for your loved ones !! Make Wonderful heart to your loved ones. Use simple crayon color and make colorful stylish sweet heart. We here present some simple step to make colorful wonderful heart, and gift it to any one or use it on wall decoration.   1) You need a Knife (not to harm anyone) :P and crayon colors (variety...
Most of us under estimate the creativity and ingenuity of our kids. The fact is that kids are smarter and more intelligent than most of us. At times, they can come up with amazingly brilliant ideas that can put the best of us to shame. Today, we are sharing some wonderful best out of waste ideas for kids. For kids who...

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