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10 Beautiful Quillied Butterflies 5
There's no one in this world who don't like butterflies.Everyone want to be as colorful as butterfly, as soft as butterfly and as beautiful as butterfly.right? Then let's use our quilling technique and make some butterfly and you can attach them on handmade cards,frame and make them more attractive with those quillied butterfly. Quillied butterflies for beginners Easy and quick way...
Quillied flower-pot Tutorial for beginners 7
A cute and adorable flower pots which is perfectly done with just paper quilling techniques and the good thing about below tutorial is that it is easy for beginners also. It's also included into kids quilling project So let's make some nice flower pots using only paper strips only :)   Steps :: Make colorful flowers as the first step of paper...
Valentines day 2014 count down started and many of my friends have started to be prepare for it. Here we are come up with the first contest named "Paper Quilling Art Cards Contest for Valentines day 2014" on Best out of waste blog. Day by Day we are Increasing our network and sharing the ideas with the users. We have...

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