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Fabulous fabric flower - sewing tutorial 10
Tutorial on how to make fab fabric flower. Make it and Attach it with your dresses and give an attractive touch or else you can try it as hair bow also. How is it looked..?? Take a circle shape of fabric and bend it from middle so it looks like below image. Now again bend it from middle and try to match...
DIY Baby shoes craft idea 9
Do-it-yourself baby shoes from the felt as soft and as elegant as new-born baby. So easy and simple way of making. Check out below steps. What do you need ? For a one pair of shoes  Make 2 felt feet shape and two rectangle with circular corner Take a pin or needle and pin rectangle piece of felt with feet shape piece...
DIY Fabric cute hairpin craft 8
Handmade hairpins for your little princess or for you also, Easy way of making , You just need some sewing technique and some waste fabric clothes or-else take some piece of fabric from your sewing dress material. Now time to make this wonderful fabric hairpins.  What do you need for fabric hairpin craft? 5 petals of flower for this 5 piece...
Are there a lots of wastage clothes in your cup-board ?? are there bunch of different clothes in your storage-room? Then here is a good news for all of you. A DIY- SPROCKET PILLOW idea for all sewing lovers. DIY sprocket Pillows Even you can't believe that steps are too much easy to create this awesome sprocket pillows out of the waste...

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