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DIY knot headband from old tee 4
Recycle your old tee and make a beautiful and cute DIY headband which is matched with your new dress with same color. Easy steps and very cool to wear it in this summer !! DIY knot headband  Supplies :: Old tees and some simple stitching/sewing material Step-1 Remove the bottom of tee and then Cut two equal sized strips from the bottom Step-2 Stretch...
DIY Fabric cute hairpin craft 8
Handmade hairpins for your little princess or for you also, Easy way of making , You just need some sewing technique and some waste fabric clothes or-else take some piece of fabric from your sewing dress material. Now time to make this wonderful fabric hairpins.  What do you need for fabric hairpin craft? 5 petals of flower for this 5 piece...
  A beautiful DIY shirt weaving, create a stylish shirt for your stylish look. Now you can alter your simple shirt into cool awesome stylish shirt. Follow below steps and Create your fashion.   1) Before, simple shirt, a decent good looking shirt. But we will make it awesome.     2) Look into below pic, Measure your shirt and cut it accordingly. Its very easy and...
Are there a lots of wastage clothes in your cup-board ?? are there bunch of different clothes in your storage-room? Then here is a good news for all of you. A DIY- SPROCKET PILLOW idea for all sewing lovers. DIY sprocket Pillows Even you can't believe that steps are too much easy to create this awesome sprocket pillows out of the waste...

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