All of us have so many empty bottles lying around at home- wine bottles and other glass bottles that carry vinegar, tomato sauce, etc.

Have you have ever thought how you can create wonderful objects of art from these bottles you consider useless and get accolades for the same?

I think most of us would love to do something like that in our free time but lack the creative streak.

I have no qualms in accepting that though I love DIY projects and doing little things to adorn my home, I am extremely low on creativity. But that does not dampen my spirit and I pick up ideas from here and there and keep on trying some new and wonderful ideas by my more supremely gifted friends and acquaintances.

Here are some wonderful best out of waste crafts you can create from the bottles you once thought useless:

  • DIY Wine Bottle Lamps

This is one of my favorites from old wine  or other glass bottles. Because not only does it look great in any corner but is also extremely easy to put together.




If you have a power drill, get a glass drill bit. If you are not a DIY enthusiast and don’t think you’d need that drill very often, just think of someone who might be having one and ask him to help you by drilling a small (half an inch radius) hole near the base of the bottle.

With that done, just throw in a strand of lights which you can easily get from any electrical equipment store. These lights are not very expensive either which adds to the fun. Invert the bottle to make sure that some of them can reach as close to the neck of the bottle as is possible- that will make your bottle look better.

And then plug it to a power source. Easy and enchanting. Wasn’t it?

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Keep a few of them together in a corner for an even better effect:



one of the best craft design created using the waste bottles.

  • Wine Bottle Lamp Shades

Simple again. Create a simple and Best Lamp shades out of  waste Bottle.




Cut the base of the glass bottles off and get a small wooden base to which you can fix an electric bulb holder. You might need a little help here again if you cannot manage to cut the glass bottle yourself.

Chose lamp shades in any color or pattern you want. Fix the bottle on the wooden base using hot glue. And there you go!!

  • Wine Bottle Candle Holders for the Garden

If you host outdoor parties often and love to use candles, I am sure you get annoyed by the candles going off every now and then whenever wind blows over them.

Create these charming and very innovative looking candle holders to keep your candles from blowing off.




  • DIY Candle Holders from Wine Bottles

Who said you need candle holders only outdoors?


You can use them indoors too to create a magical aura and create a best craft using the waste bottles. See for yourself:




Here is yet another idea you can use to bring a boring corner to life:




  • Using Yarn to Decorate Old Wine Bottles

Use the useless odd bits of woolen yarn lying in your mom’s closet to dress up best out of waste wine bottle crafts like these:




You can even use hemp for the purpose. If you don’t shirk from putting in a little labor, color the hemp in different hues and create lovely bottles like these to brighten up a corner.

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  • Objects D’art Using Creativity

You can even create lovely bottles like these using a little ingenuity. They make wonderful gift ideas as well.

Use flowers to prettify the already chic pieces and create lovely craft items out of waste wine bottles.




  • Wind Chimes from Old Wine Bottles

One of the best crafts out of old wine or other glass bottles I have even seen is this mind blowing wind chime.




I am mentioning it towards the end because you need to be a pro at glass cutting to mange to pull that off. Or, have a friend who shares your passion and will not mind sparing an hour or two to help you create this.

You need to cut rings of glasses off old wine bottles and pierce them with strings of varying lengths affixed to a wooden base.


We hope you liked our collection of 7 craft ideas using empty and waste wine bottles and other glass bottles you had at home.

Please share other such beautiful ideas which you have with our readers and also your experiences at creating any of these crafts. We love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback on best out of waste.


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