Art and Design 14
ART AND DESIGN Creativity with art and craft is visual amalgam. It involves the imagination that is encrypted either on a sheet of paper or on a solid mass.Hence art and design gives best outcome for waste management. So craft various eye catchy stuff from waste and be environment freak. Creating Extraordinarily Emphasizes on making new and extraordinary design and art .Create innovation...
Tech Craft Pot- Use Floppy 7
A Tech Craft Floppy Pot So you are thinking what to do with your old Floppy drives? Are you trying to throw them away or its taking space in your room and making your place look like floppy bin? We are here presenting you the step guide to create best out of waste from floppy drive, create floppy pot. so you have...
Create designed flowers from the waste X-rays
So you have enough of x-rays piled up defining your old injuries? Mischievous you must!!! Well be like that but what would you do with your big black sheets? Here's the way out. Take a sheet of x-ray. Roll it as thin as possible. Stable the rolled sheet from one side to stay like wise. Now cut the sheet from either side till...
photo frame from old keyboard
E waste can be left to heap up on the roadsides, in garbage dumps or the never-to-be-visited-again-this-year corners of the garage. Or be converted into lovely art pieces. Crafts and objects that you will love to show off, while at the same time making you feel good for having recycled the electronic waste and done your bit for saving our wonderful...

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