7 DIY ideas for Newspaper recycling


In my daily waste, at-least one newspaper is there. Let’s make out best things out of waste newspaper. Newspaper is a such type of waste which is easily available in most of houses so that Below DIY ideas for newspaper recycling are really helpful to each and every person.

1)  DIY Newspaper Bag

You can use this bag as a gift wrapper or use it in any another way. It’s quick and easy to do and Use another decorative things to give a different look to DIY news-paper bag.

Best out of waste newspaper bag
Recycle Newspaper and make an easy DIY Bag


Steps :: 

1. Take a news-paper in rectangle shape and fold them so that folding paper is in square shape

2. Stick both folded end as shown in second step.

3. Fold square from bottom.

4. Make a corner-triangle shape as shown in 4th step at bottom end.

5. After 4th step make a folding so it’s looked like a fifth step and stick them in that condition.

6.  Your bag is ready from bottom side.

7. Make folding from upper side of bag and tie them using decorative things.

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2) Decorative Rose Flower hair-pin using newspaper

News-paper hair pin..!! Amazing idea for truly creative people. Girl’s simple hair pin now looks more beautiful and attractive with new’s paper recycling ideas.

News-paper recycling ideas-Girls hair pin-
Girls hair-pin


Steps to make a flower is at right side of above picture and after making paper-rose , Stick them on hairpin. You can also use here magazine for a colorful flowers.

3) Lamp renovation using News-paper

Renovate your home with waste news-paper. Use them on Night-lamp and look more attractive than simple one.

News-paper recycling ideas
Renovate your house with waste news-paper


Cut newspaper in same square sized and then stick them on lamp using glue so that now lamp has it’s own beauty with newspaper. Light across lamp is much beautiful than without it.


4)  Newspaper Mirror

Give a colorful finishing using old news-paper and magazine. Creative looks to your bed-room with wastage of your home. Just take a magazine and make any two sized square, rolled them so it’s looked like a round-sticks then put small heighten sticks first around the mirror then stike big heighten sticks on small one.

newspaper Recycling mirror
Mirror using Magazine

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5)  DIY Newspaper bowl

DIY newspaper bowl as a fruit container or you can use this Best out of waste dish as a another day to day use also. Just make a rolling strips from newspaper and make a round and round until it look like a perfect bowl.

DIY Newspaper Bowl
Recycling newspaper Bowl


6) Wall decoration using old newspaper

Do you want an attractive walls in your house ? Here is a perfect idea for creative people who truly believe in Best out of Waste facts. Newspaper is our daily waste and here is a perfect use of those wastage part of your home.

recycling newspaper DIY and bestoutofwaste ideas
Wall decoration with best out of waste

steps for above creation are : first make a rolled sticks from newspaper and color some of them and make a different sized circle by rounding those sticks and sticks them on wall…..!!!

7) DIY Newspaper Night-lamp 

Simple night-lamp tube now converts into a decorative night lamp with waste newspaper only. Here is a full procedure for recycling a newspaper in night lamp renovation. I definitely say that after this creativity in your home , any one who visit your home give a positive response about  your home.

newspaper recycling ideas as a DIY nightlamp
DIY Night-lamp

Three steps with newspaper make awesome DIY night-lamp and give nice looks to your house.


A bunch of newspaper recycling DIY ideas definitely give an attractive looks to your home and also give a creative direction to your mind .I hope that these ideas help you in your DIY project.