Working on school projects can be fun or a painful, tortuous process, depending upon how creative you are and how brilliant you are at executing your ideas.

For those of you who would not mind putting in a little hard work, here are a few ideas you can take up for inspiration and create wonderful school projects out of waste.

List of Best School Project Ideas For Kids Using Waste Things

1. Making a CD Clock

Most of us have lots of waste CDs lying around at home. If you have a cheap alarm clock (preferably round ), you can use it to create a wonderful CD alarm clock. Just take out the machinery from the clock and keep all parts separately, taking care not to damage any part and not to lose anything.

Take an old alarm clock, some hot glue, and some quick drying adhesive like Elfy or Fevi-kwik. And, of course, a CD.

Fix the machinery at the back side of the CD using the hot glue.
Then, stick the clock face on to the front side of it.

We are affixing an acrylic stand to the CD so that you can keep the alarm clock on your study desk after it is ready.


You can decorate the face of the clock using diamond buttons, pictures of your friends, family members or your favorite sport stars.

Now, insert the alarm hand, seconds hand, minutes hand and hours hand inside.

Insert the battery. And lo, the alarm clock is ready!

I am sure your teacher will love you for this.

CD alarm clock craft ideas for school kids


2. Best Pen Stands Out of Waste Toilet Paper Rolls

Now, you can just collect some toilet paper rolls. And wrap them up with beautiful gift wrapping papers and stick them on to a flat surface making some pen stands which you would love to keep on your study desk. Or, may be, gift to you elder brother/ sister.



3.  A Wind Chime Out of Old Keys

All of us have so many useless keys lying around the home. Run cords of varying lengths through each of them and tie them all to a perforated ring. That makes a lovely wind chime you can put up in your backyard or the kids’ dressing room.



4.  A Best Airplane Out of Waste Ice Cream Popsicle Sticks

The picture is self explanatory. Do I need to describe that now?

You can use this unique idea and ask your kid to make this airplane for his school project out of waste, using only ice cream popsicle sticks and a colorful clothes hook.

best crafts for kids out of waste


5. Tin Can Lanterns

Pick up a discarded tin can from the garage- and paint it afresh.

Perforate some holes through it. You can even make a pattern out of the holes you thus create. And plant a light bulb inside it to make a fabulous tin can lantern.

Now, isn’t that an out-of-the box best out of waste for school projects idea??

Tin can lanterns out of waste



6.  Turkey Craft Ideas

Use pine cones lying around hill sides to create this cute and very creative craft for the Thanksgiving day. These lovely turkeys made out of painted quills and pine cones will have everyone appreciate your genius.

You need not tell everyone whose idea it is and take all credit for these adorable turkeys!!



7.  A Fighter Plane Out of Old Pepsi Bottle

Paint the bottle in attractive colors and create a fighter plane like we just did out of a used 500 ml Pepsi bottle.

Isn’t that make a wonderful idea for a school project using best out of waste materials?

School projects out of waste


8.  Paper Plate Turtle

Using a paper plate and some colored paper or foami, you can make this very very cute paper turtle.

Paper plate turtle


9. Toothbrush/ Paint Brush Holder

Paint any old glass using glass paints to make this brush holder which looks very attractive.

My nine year old is not too good an artist- I am sure better painters can manage much better looking glasses. You can now use these glasses to hold toothbrushes in your wash room, your pain brushes or even your sister’ s make up brushes.

glass painting crafts for school projects


10. Mosaic tile paper weight

Get some self hardening clay and create a lovely pattern out of it.

A star is not too difficult to make using hands or, may be, even a cookie cutter.

Now, smash some old tiles lying around the home and embed the tile chips int the clay to create a mosaic. You can try different color combinations to make your paper weight look interesting.

paper weight for school project



These were 1o fantastic ideas to make the best out of waste for school children.

We hope you and your kids will love creating these adorable crafts as much as we enjoyed putting them up for you here.

Please share more ideas for creating crafts and school projects out of waste with us here.



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