Creativity with Stones as Garden Decoration Idea


Creativity with stones is useful in your home garden decoration. All ideas are by Iain Black and each idea is connected with unique thought. When i saw stone creativity first time , i was impressed very much and i decided that i will definitely try ideas in my Garden.

Iain Black is a photographer from East Lothian and here I present bucket of ideas by him and I hope you all definitely impress by his ideas as I was. Creativity now becomes my passion and I give a enough importance to creativity in my life and I want to teach more and more at each and every day.

Here impressive ideas relate to stone creativity in Home-garden decoration by Iain Black…..

1) Step by step stone footprints

As I say that each picture describe in one sentence so that first picture looks like a step by step footprints on beach. Picture says that some people went from beach just before minute.

IainBlake's stone creativity - bestoutofwaste
step by step footprints with stone

2) Leave only footprints

Below stone creativity is easiest than any another and message attach with stone-art is “Leave sign of people”.

Leave-only-Footprints-by-Iain-Blake-best out of waste
foot prints in gardens with stone

3) A single paw sign in stone-art

If you have any triangle stone than make a paw sign looks like any animal’s footprints So it looks more beautiful than any person’s footprint. Here below image gives you more idea about Paw-sign.

Paw-Print-by-Iain-Blake-best out of waste
single paw with Stone

4) Leaving paw sign with stones

Use more than one triangle paw sign stones as a leave sign of animals’s footprints.

Paw-Prints-by-Iain-Blake-best out of waste
Stone creativity shows leaving paw

5)Romance on beach in Stone creativity

Think differently… and I know that all of you get an idea and I don’t have to speak anything….!!

Romance On Beach Stone Creation

6) Spot the difference with stone-art

Here, Idea is to find spot the difference between foot made from pebble and footprints of same pebble.

Spot-the-Difference-by-Iain-Blake-best out of waste
Stone creativity – 6

7) Bucket of foots made from pebble

Bunch of footprints have different size and color with amazing art and creativity..!!

Stone Creativity by IainBlake - bestoutofwaste
garden decoration idea with stone  foot prints

8) “Love a lot” sign with stone art

Love between parents and children are main ideas behind below picture and you definitely love to do for your garden decor.

Stone Creativity by IainBlake on bestoutofwaste
show a love with stone creation

9) “Follow The Leader”

This beautiful thought behind below picture is “Follow your leader…!!” with creative stone art.

Stone Creativity -Follow-the-Leader-by-Iain-Blake
follow some one

10) Ying-Yang Feet by stone

Stone creativity-by IainBlake- best out of waste
YingYang-Feet-2-by-Iain-Blake- best out of waste
ying -yang Stone Creativity – 10

11) Family Circle

Stone Creativity-Family-Circle-by-Iain-Blake
stone creativity as family foot print in Garden

12) ” Three in a Bed ” using stones

Three-in-a-Bed-by-Iain-Blake-best out of waste
Dad Child and mom with stone 🙂

13) United Colors with stones-art

United-Colours-by-Iain-Blake- best out of waste
Stone Creativity – 13

Source : Flickr

Hope you will love and like this best out of waste ideas to decorate your garden and make it more beautiful with this awesome stone creativity. If you have any ideas and like to share with us then kindly contact us with this form and get in touch. Don’t forget to share and comment how was this stone creation?


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